To Forgive… In attesa

Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of lifeand the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun

Pink Floyd – Coming back to life

Lot’s of things to do. To understand. To learn. To hear, to say. Lot’s of things to live. Coming back to life, as the song says. It’s not really about killing the past, but giving space for the future to develop. It’s about understanding the past, yes, and being able to move to the future. Whatever it brings. To develop new dreams. Live the ones I had. Not exactly the same, or as I expected, but living them.

So. To Forgive. Give, not get. I’m not interested in forgetting. I want my memories, they are, at the end, the only thing we carry to our deaths. I just want to discover new memories. Create new memories.

The ball is on your side.

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