And so it rains

2013-05-15 20.40.13
And so it rains
Another day goes by
Another week
Soon a month will say good bye

I see myself
Wearing the same clothes
Your clothes
That some day to me belonged
That some day were yours
And that now have been returned

I see you in photos
With my pants – your pants –
With your light – my light –
The dream has gone
The memory is fading away
The feelings, being lost in time
The reality is returning

I’ve lost my north
I’ve lost my past
I’ve documented it, but now it’s gone
Remain your words
Remain your sounds
Remain the songs
That woke up us not so long ago.

Remains the void
Of the smells that won’t return.
Remain the shadows
That won’t inspire us anymore.
Remains the void
Of the light you left behind.
Remains the void
In the bed you won’t dream again.
The void left
By the places that remain.

Another week
Soon another month will be gone
And so it rains.

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