Exit / Delete

El trauma de la semana (o más bien del mes). Otra joya musical/lírica de David Sylvian, ésta vez con un artista japonés que tiene cosas también muy interesantes: Takagi Masakatsu.


Feels like an ending
She’s winding her way towards a conclusion
That never comes
Caroline feels uncomfortably numb

She’s in deep
Surrendering to the promise of sleep
Almost done
Caroline plays an audience of one

And it isn’t polite
She won’t even try
A problem to no one
A problem to none

How can it be as quiet as this
This close to the edge?
Caroline says she’s nobody’s friend

How can you breathe
Embarrassed to be this far left of alone?
Caroline knows there’s nobody home

It’s ending
Winding its way towards a conclusion
Nearly done
Caroline knows there’s nothing to come

When in doubt
She wanted to get it all down in writing
Didn’t count
Better if someone else works it out

The files are deleted
No resisting at all
Already defeated

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